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Name:Sarge is faithful
Location:Twentynine Palms, California, United States of America

[DISCLAIMER: Not actually Sarge, because that would be weird and difficult, not actually Dwayne Johnson, because I'm sure he's got much better things to do with his time. Like shout "focus" at people. And generally be awesome. The first belongs to Warner Brothers and id Software, the second, clearly, belongs to himself; I merely borrow the likenesses of both for my own amusement, with neither affiliation nor monetary gain attached.

Mun and muse are 21+; given the content of both the original video game and the movie, the profile and any interactions attached are rated R for the possibility of language, violence, gore, and the like. Anything else will be warned for and placed under a cut as appropriate.

I do not claim in any way to be an expert on the Doom franchise and mythology, or the US Marine Corps, I merely do the best I can with what I DO know and use the powers of the internet to educate me where I'm lax. All mistakes in these areas are therefore my own.]
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